A small crack on the car window, how bad can it be?

A small point on the windshield of your car that cannot be wiped away. It does not aggravate your vision or disturb otherwise. It can just be ignored, right?

Wrong. Completely wrong. This tiny, seemingly harmless crack is a stone’s doing. Damage to the car window is quite frequent.


Most often it is small stones that have stuck to the tire of a car in front of you. At some point, the small stones are thrown out when the centrifugal force has become too large.


It can then hit your window like a micro meteorite, with several hundred km / h. Like meteorites, the impact releases enormous force. In most cases, the car window can withstand, but sometimes it gets damaged. Such a small motorway meteorite can easily puncture or break a car window. But car windows are also tough and typically it is only superficial damage. If so, windshield repair is an option.


Small damage, major consequences

Even the slightest damage to the car window hides a bigger problem. As soon as the car window surface is slightly damaged, the surface tension has been broken. And then it’s just a matter of time. The car window is slightly exposed. Huge temperature fluctuations, powerful vibrations from the car and pressure from the wind. Together, they have the effect that even the smallest rift over time will grow larger.


First, micro cracks are formed. They grow larger and larger and eventually you have one or more cracks that divide the car window into two or more parts. You can still drive, but this is neither legal nor safe.

When the windscreen is damaged, the structural strength of the car is reduced by up to 30%. It can cost you and your passengers life. Therefore, it is also illegal to drive with a car window that is significantly damaged.

You may want to drive a little damage around, but it is best to have it repaired immediately. Hbc system Windshield repair are specialists who can repair stone impact damage of just under 20 minutes.

Humpty Dumpty can’t be made whole again

… sounds the well-known English nursery rhymes. That’s how it is with car windows. A stone damage can be repaired relatively easily. It is made with resin, a kind of synthetic resin that is cured with the help of UV light. Like the dentists do with amalgam-free fillings or dental restorations. It’s the same kind of material, just transparent.

A stone repair cannot be more than a compromise. It can prevent the damage from growing larger and completely damaging the car window. But the window never becomes new and there is no complete guarantee.

When the stone damage is less than a quarter, it can be repaired. The chances that the car window can hold the rest of the car’s life are reasonably good. It just can’t be guaranteed because it depends on so many unknown factors.


What can you do when the damage has occurred?

It is important that the rock layer is not filled with dirt. Apply a window patch as soon as you notice the damage. If you do not have a pane, you can use a different type of transparent tape. It’s better than nothing. And then look for a windhield repair specialist as soon as possible.